Contributing to Volto#

You may have an issue to report, make a feature request, report a security vulnerability, or you want to create a pull request. You have come to the right place to learn how to do so.

Reporting an issue or making a feature request#

If you know the issue or feature request is for Volto, first search for an existing item in the Volto issue tracker.

If an issue does not already exist for your item, then you can create a new issue or feature request in Volto. When in doubt, create one in the CMFPlone issue tracker.

In your report, please specify a few things:

  • What are the steps to reproduce the problem?

  • What do you expect when you follow those steps?

  • What do you observe?

  • Which Plone version are you using?

  • Include relevant screenshots, error messages, and stack traces.

Create a pull request#

You must sign the Plone Contributor Agreement to contribute code and documentation to any Plone project. This means that we can NOT accept pull requests from you until you do this.

All pull requests must include a note under the (unreleased) version under the appropriate subheading of Do not edit already released versions.

If the feature includes a breaking change, you must include instructions for how to upgrade in the upgrade guide.

All text that can be shown in a browser must be translatable. Please mark all such strings as translatable as defined in the i18n guide.

Code Quality#

All pull requests must pass tests, documentation builds, and other code quality checks. Contributors are strongly encouraged to run these checks locally before creating a pull request. These checks are enforced automatically on every pull request, so you might as well save time and frustration by doing these checks locally first.


If after reading this you become hesitant, don't worry. You can always create a pull request, mark it as "Draft", and improve the above points later, requesting help from the community.

Welcome to the Plone community, and thank you for contributing!